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Sungrow to Supply Innovative Energy Storage Solution to Australia

Aug 14, 2023Aug 14, 2023

Sungrow, the global leading inverter, and energy storage system solution supplier, announced a partnership with the Clean Energy Transfer Fund as key tolling partner for Hive Battery Developments. This collaboration aims to bring to life HIVE, a revolutionary energy storage initiative, using Sungrow’s liquid cooling energy storage system (ESS) PowerTitan to energize the whole project. Empowered by cutting-edge solutions for energy storage deployment and utilization, participating in frequency control ancillary services (FCAS) and arbitrage market, and further enlarging Australia’s green power blueprint.

As Australia sets its sights on achieving net zero emissions and phasing out coal-fired power generation by 2050, the nation faces the challenge of aging conventional power plants. To meet the growing demand, Australia aims to build over 50 clean power plants, highlighting the key role of energy storage in ensuring stable and efficient utilization of renewable energy.

HIVE: A Visionary Battery Energy Storage Project

HIVE is an innovative, scalable, and distributed battery energy storage project that can be easily adjusted to meet diverse requirements. The first HIVE battery will span 10 sites in New South Wales, combining seamlessly to deliver up to 49.9 MW/200 MWh of distributed energy storage. Each site will be equipped with an average connection and coordination scale of nearly 5 MW, all controlled by cutting-edge virtual power plant technology.

Innovative PowerTitan: The Future of Energy Storage

At the heart of each HIVE lies Sungrow’s cutting-edge energy storage solution, PowerTitan. Employing liquid cooling technology, PowerTitan incorporates industry-leading innovations, offering cost-effectiveness, seamless installation, unmatched operational safety, enhanced efficiency, and extended battery cycle life. Additionally, the system features smart monitoring capabilities, setting a new standard for energy storage technology worldwide. The ease of installation means that a HIVE battery can become operational within six months, a significant reduction compared to traditional grid-scale batteries that could take over two years to deploy. Impressively, PowerTitan has already secured global contracts exceeding 9 GWh.

Paving the Way to Grid Integration: Sungrow’s Commitment to Quality

Recognizing Australia’s stringent Registration of Generator Performance Standards (GPS), Sungrow has assembled a dedicated GPS grid-connection model team. The team’s expertise ensures seamless grid integration, offering customers unparalleled grid-connection support services, underpinned by cutting-edge technology and rapid response times.

Rob Ashdown, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Clean Energy Transfer Fund, said Sungrow has proven themselves as a very strong partner in the development of HIVE.

“Sungrow has stepped up and supported Hive Battery Developments at each development hurdle, and we look forward to building a strong partnership with them in the future.”

Joe Zhou, Country Manager of Sungrow Australia, stated, “Thanks to CETF for choosing Sungrow to participate in HIVE. Sungrow has been deeply engaged in the Australian market for a long time with innovative products and solutions, reaching an international advanced level”. Zhou reaffirmed Sungrow’s dedication to ensuring the seamless delivery of the HIVE battery system, generating optimal yields for clients, and expediting Australia’s transition towards sustainable energy.

HIVE: A Visionary Battery Energy Storage ProjectInnovative PowerTitan: The Future of Energy StoragePaving the Way to Grid Integration: Sungrow’s Commitment to Quality