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Briggs & Stratton readies big push of SimpliPHI ESS for homes, C&I

Jul 29, 2023Jul 29, 2023

At the 2023 NABCEP CE Conference, we chatted with Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions about its growing portfolio of energy storage systems, built on the SimpliPHI battery technology it acquired in September 2021.

“We are seeing a great deal of interest from both residential and commercial markets in our energy storage systems especially with the expanded incentives that took effect this year. As this interest continues to grow, there is a need for a robust installer workforce who can help meet this demand and support the transition of these markets to renewable energy systems,” said Sequoya Cross, Vice President of Energy Storage — Energy Solutions at Briggs & Stratton. “We are innovating cutting-edge products that not only empower consumers to take control of their energy usage but also help make the installers’ jobs easier and faster by creating intuitive, complete system solutions that can seamlessly integrate.”

Briggs & Stratton is keeping SimpliPHI’s focus on Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) Lithium-Ion chemistry batteries, versus the more common Li-ion batteries with cobalt. LFP batteries build safer, modular battery systems that can be coupled together to create an integrated system, whether it’s for grid-tied solar applications, off-grid use, power outage management, time-of-use utility cost management or other applications.

The SimpliPHI ESS comes with proprietary hardware and a battery management system that was designed by installers for installers. The SimpliPHI ESS features three core components: a 6 kW Inverter, a 4.9 kWh Battery and EnergyTrak management software, putting the control in the palm of the user’s hand. The integrated 4.9kWh Battery is maintenance-free and backed by a 10-year limited warranty with unlimited cycles at 100% depth-of-discharge (DoD).

The ESS also has innovative modular technology that allows homeowners and businesses to independently scale the system’s power and capacity to meet a variety of applications.

The SimpliPHI ESS features EnergyTrak, a monitoring and control software platform that allows users tomanage their energy usage through a sophisticated mobile app that delivers real-time status updates to home and business owners. Some recent improvements to the EnergyTrak system include the ability for parallel installations using two or more SimpliPHI 6 kW Inverters. It now also offers the ability to receive email notifications and customize alerts on important changes in the system’s operation.

Both service providers and end users can download EnergyTrak to streamline communication, practice proactive service and take intuitive control over the entire SimpliPHI ESS.

Be on the look out for containerized, high-voltage ESS for C&I applications.

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