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Briggs & Stratton bundles two ESS packages for solar installers

Aug 12, 2023Aug 12, 2023

Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions is introducing new energy storage system (ESS) packages to streamline the sales and installation process for solar installers interested in its product portfolio. Remember that Briggs now owns SimpliPhi, and also recently reduced its pricing.

“With these packages, we hope to remove the guesswork from energy management and make it easier for solar installers to scale power and energy storage capacity to meet the requirements of any installation, whether it’s being used with grid-tied solar systems, off-grid energy systems or as a backup power option for power outage management,” said Tom Rugg, SVP & President – Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions.

The company’s new ESS Packages take three core components — Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) batteries, a recently-enhanced 6 kW SimpliPHI inverter and the EnergyTrak Control System and App — and integrates them into an all-in-one bundle.

The modular technology allows the system to independently scale power and energy storage capacity to meet any installation requirement, from providing primary power to an entire home or business to storing energy to draw from during an outage.

The team notes that the batteries are “outlasting the traditional 10-year battery limited warranty,” so they have increased it to a 15-year battery limited warranty (just the battery. The inverters still have a 10-year warranty, and the EnergyTrak Gateway has a 5-year warranty. Does not include parts, labor, or travel.)

Briggs & Stratton has rolled out two package options for installers and dealers: the SimpliPHI ESS Package and the AmpliPHI ESS Package. Both SimpliPHI and AmpliPHI Batteries have closed-loop communications that expedite information sharing across all components, increasing efficiency and reducing programming time.

“Developments in ESS technology are making it an increasingly viable and advantageous solution for residential and commercial customers as energy needs continue to evolve in the face of a changing power landscape,” Rugg said. “Our new packages help to expand the application potential of ESS technology, which means that installers can more easily scope and scale a solution that makes the most sense for a customer.”

SimpliPHI ESS Package | The SimpliPHI ESS Package features a SimpliPHI 4.9 Battery and is paired with the SimpliPHI 6 kW Inverter and EnergyTrak control system. Installers have the option of running multiple batteries in parallel within the package to meet larger power needs and provide more storage capacity and backup power:

The built-in wall mounting hardware in the SimpliPHI ESS Package makes for a quick, easy, clean installation. The SimpliPHI ESS Package is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation and has an IP65 rating for operating in all weather conditions.

AmpliPHI ESS Package | The AmpliPHI ESS Package features an AmpliPHI 3.8 Battery and is paired with the SimpliPHI 6kW Inverter and EnergyTrak. The compact size of the AmpliPHI ESS Package makes it suitable for indoor mounting, but there is also the option for available outdoor cabinet installation. Dealers can also scale this package with the addition of AmpliPHI batteries within the system to meet larger or smaller power needs:

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